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TrrntZipUI V2.6.2
C# .net UI trrntzip utility with mutli core processing.

TrrntZip.NET.exe V1.0.5
C# .net command line version. Replacement from trrntzip.exe -? for info, or drag a zip file to the exe

Source now available at


03/13/2020 - Updated both version to fix potential error found in ZIP64 code.
02/20/2020 - Reworked the CPU Core count, to use a slider to select count, also all UI selection are stored in config file now correctly & fixed progress indicators.
02/08/2020 - Small update to TrrtZipUI, added a check box to set to use 3 out 4 (75%) of the available CPU Core, so some are left for other things.
06/11/2019 - Fixed a UTF8 (Unicode) Ascii bug. UTF8 files name storage now used if characters are greater the 127.
07/20/2018 - Added flushing the log buffer, so that log file is not truncated.
07/19/2018 - Update TrrntZip.NET.exe to V1.0.2 added basic loging
07/18/2018 - Both version have just been updated with the latest ZIP64 fixes.