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RomVault To Do List - Updated July 21st, 2020

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Full RV7zip supportAdd a new RV7Zip file format, need to look at the best internal file order for this.
New DAT Standard .RVDATThat fully describes the file structure including compression type, this means ZIP, 7Z & uncompressed files all in the one DAT, needed for MAME Extra torrent.
Treating ZIP files (and .7z files) as filesSome DATs contains ZIP files as regular files with hashes, so ZIP files need to be treated as files as well as ZIP's
Storing the file Date/Time in the DATNeeded for some DOS collections, but would also need to be recognized as a valid extension to trrntzip, or maybe RVZip
Add Emulator Launch Support
Add logic to see if we can just copy a zip file if we can. (using a file rename.)
Make Headers Scanning optionsMake header scanning a level 2/3 only thing.
7z store only7z store only, no compression, for those that still want t7z