RomVault 3.0.20 (Beta)

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First Public Beta release !!

I am looking for Beta testers to join the beta program!!
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RomVault 3.0.20 (Beta) : Public Beta Release !!! Open to Everybody.
But just to be clear, use at your own risk, this is Beta!!, you may need to rescan everything, you may loose everything, hopefully not and things work good for you.
Either way, please do email me anything you find I don't always reply but I do read all of my emails.

This version:
  • Beta version:
  • Calls home to my server at startup letting me know you are using the program.
  • Any error or crash are also reported back to me.
  • The Beta version may come in multiple .dll's with their .pdb files so I can get full debug crash info.
  • This version will force you to update to new releases when I put them out.
  • This version is Beta, it may delete your complete rom collection, use at your own risk.
  • If any of the above does not sit well with you..... Then... Stick to the public version Here

RomVault To Do List - Updated January 9th, 2019

If there is anything you would like added to this list please Email Me.
If there is anything on this list you would really like to see added...... hit my Donate Button.

NOTE: This work is in my private development code right now. When I feel it is at a good level of completion I will release a public update.
This webpage just serves as a view into what is internally happening, and gives me a place to list my own progress.

New Dat ReadersDone Improved DAT readers that have more uniform internal options.
Full 7zip supportDoneThis will never be full t7z writing support, as that standard is to crazy to try and repoduce.
Set Compression Methods,Split/Merge Options from within the UI TreeDoneNo longer forced to edit the DAT's to change these types of options, could set in the UI Tree, and store these user defined values in small config XML files in the DATRoot directories
Single Zip For a DATDoneManipulate DAT files to make a single ZIP for an entire DAT, good way to torrent share TOSEC Sets.
No-Intro HeadersDoneSupport for the No-Intro Headers
Add Back in CHD supportDoneAll of the RV2 CHD code is removed right now, as CHD now kind of fit better into the No-Intro header code. (A CHD is a file with a header), So right now CHD's are not supported, but will be added back in making
File matching without the Size in the DATDoneusing CRC as the main matching system and then SHA1/MD5 if needed, if there is no size/crc, also need this for CHD as they only have SHA1/MD5
Add support of multiple ToSort DirectoriesDoneAdd ToSort in the top menu and right click a ToSort folder to delete it.
Set directories including ToSort as read onlyDoneRight click on a tick in the Tree, and it locks the files in that dir so that they are readony.
Add ability to just scan parts of the directory treeDoneYou must always have at least one ToSort directory. (Primary ToSort) So that un-needed files can be moved out.
When copying out to ToSort maintain Directory StructureDone
Full RV7zip supportIn ProgressAdd a new RV7Zip file format, need to look at the best internal file order for this.
7zip Optimization while fixingCache uncompressed 7zip files so they don't need uncompressed over and over in the same file.
New DAT Standard .RVDATThat fully describes the file structure including compression type, this means ZIP, 7Z & uncompressed files all in the one DAT, needed for MAME Extra torrent.
Treating ZIP files (and .7z files) as filesSome DATs contains ZIP files as regular files with hashes, so ZIP files need to be treated as files as well as ZIP's
Storing the file Date/Time in the DATNeeded for some DOS collections, but would also need to be recongized as a valid extention to trrntzip, or maybe RVZip
Add Emulator Launch Support
Bug: Check Dat's update with re-mapped directories
Add logic to see if we can just copy a file while fixing.(using a file rename.)
Add logic to see if we can just copy a zip file if we can. (using a file rename.)