RomVault 3.0.30 (Beta)

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Public Beta release !!

I am looking for Beta testers to join the beta program!!
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If you know of any bugs in RV3 please let me know, please do not assume I know about them, my goal right now is to get RV3 as bug free as possible so that I can release it out of Beta and re-release the source code, so if a bug hits you that is not on the list of features/bugs below please email me.

Also I am always interested in ideas for new features for RV3, so please do send me your ideas, or find me on mIRC, ForeverChat #romvault

Beta has now moved to Release Candidate!
So please head back to the RomVault Main front page to get the latest download

RomVault 3.0.30 (Beta)
Bug fix release, main fixes are: Crash while decompressing 7z files, 7z zip files that where moved out to ToSort Directories where still named .7z but where actually .zip files, and if you removed a directory run it did not reset the DAT for that directory.
Please do report error back to me, I may not get right back to you, but I do read all messages and will reply when I can.

RomVault 3.0.29 (Beta)
Bug fix, code clean up release, not a lot new to report in this one, but some bug fixes and code re-structuring/cleanup, should reduce some of the crashes in B28

RomVault 3.0.28 (Beta)
Fixed bug with remapped directories needing to be fully rescanned when the DAT was updated, and also fixed a bug with CHD files that are level 1 scanned not then fixing correctly.

RomVault 3.0.27 (Beta)
Fixed some bugs that come up if you are only scanning at level 1, and get CRC collisions.

RomVault 3.0.26 (Beta)
A few more quick bug fixes, plus added the user info screen back in from Beta 2, so that I can contact people to ask about how they are getting the errors they get.
Please fill in your email correctly, so I can get back to you from error reports.

RomVault 3.0.25 (Beta) : Fixed a bunch more error that have been coming back in the error log reports.
If you have been getting:

Message: Unknown result type SourceCRCCheckSumError
Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. (When clicking on Rom Grid)

These 2 should now be fixed. If you get this second message while scanning your DAT's please let me know which DAT it is scanning when you get this message. I am also seeing:

Message: Missing files cannot have alt values

If this is a message you are getting, I would like to get this error fixed, but do not know how to reproduce it, so if you ever get this error. Please let me know what you where doing to get it.
Any other error you are getting, please do report them, It may take me a couple of days to get to my emails, but I do read them all. (Thanks)

RomVault 3.0.24 (Beta) : Fixed: Double Check Delete could not find the correct file. XXXXXXXX
9th May 2019, Thanks to some good testing and feedback. (Please keep it up), found a squashed a bad little bug that had crept in the code a short time ago. (If you have a file inside the correct ZIP file, but with the wrong name internally in the ZIP, trying to rename that zipped file would crash RV3.)

RomVault 3.0.23 (Beta) : Some important bug fixes for CHD & header files
1st May 2019, Found a fixed a number of bugs processing CHD's and updating DAT containing CHD's and DAT with Headers.
(I am getting very close to calling this a Release Candidate, if you find any problems with this version please let me know. Thanks

RomVault 3.0.22 (Beta) : Public Beta Release !!! Open to Everybody.
24th April 2019, This release has some cleanup of CRC miss-matching when scanning level 1, and fixing level 2, and with this release we are much closer to going full release. Please test and get to me any bugs before I do a full public release back over on the front page, thanks.

PS. Don't by Sandisk SSD drive the warranty sucks and they will not replace your drive when it goes wrong after 3 months.

But just to be clear, use at your own risk, this is Beta!!, you may need to rescan everything, you may loose everything, hopefully not and things work good for you.
Either way, please do email me anything you find I don't always reply but I do read all of my emails.

This version:
  • Beta version:
  • Calls home to my server at startup letting me know you are using the program.
  • Any error or crash are also reported back to me.
  • The Beta version may come with .pdb files so I can get full debug crash info.
  • This version will force you to update to new releases when I put them out.
  • This version is Beta, it may delete your complete rom collection, use at your own risk.
  • If any of the above does not sit well with you..... Then... Stick to the public version Here

RomVault To Do List - Updated August 13th, 2019

If there is anything you would like added to this list please Email Me.
If there is anything on this list you would really like to see added...... hit my Donate Button.

NOTE: This work is in my private development code right now. When I feel it is at a good level of completion I will release a public update.
This webpage just serves as a view into what is internally happening, and gives me a place to list my own progress.

7zip Optimization while fixingWIPCache uncompressed 7zip files so they don't need uncompressed over and over in the same file.
Full RV7zip supportAdd a new RV7Zip file format, need to look at the best internal file order for this.
New DAT Standard .RVDATThat fully describes the file structure including compression type, this means ZIP, 7Z & uncompressed files all in the one DAT, needed for MAME Extra torrent.
Treating ZIP files (and .7z files) as filesSome DATs contains ZIP files as regular files with hashes, so ZIP files need to be treated as files as well as ZIP's
Storing the file Date/Time in the DATNeeded for some DOS collections, but would also need to be recognized as a valid extension to trrntzip, or maybe RVZip
Add Emulator Launch Support
Add logic to see if we can just copy a file while fixing.(using a file rename.)WIP
Add logic to see if we can just copy a zip file if we can. (using a file rename.)

Message: The specified path, file name, or both are too long. The fully qualified file name must be less than 260 characters, and the directory name must be less than 248 characters.